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Privacy Policy

The English-Speaking Union of the United States is committed to protecting your right to browse our website anonymously, and to participate in our online offerings without fear of harassment or undesired commercial messages.  If you suspect that our site is somehow violating your privacy, please contact Executive Director Karen Karpowich at immediately.

Email Privacy

We will not rent, sell, or give away the email addresses of people who use our services or contact us. If you subscribe to our E-News service, we may share your email address with an email service provider that sends the newsletters on our behalf.


We may use web-browser cookies to keep track of your session from page to page as you browse the site. We do this to provide a clear picture of how visitors, in the aggregate, use our site and what features or resources they are most interested in. We also use cookies to temporarily track form responses (such as Membership requests) while they are being processed by the system. We do not store personal information in cookies.

Anti-Spamming / Anti-Malware

We will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that our website and servers are not exploited by people who seek to deliver unsolicited commercial messages, propaganda, or software meant to subvert the security of your computer. We do this by keeping our server software up to date, and by following strict system administration policies. Contact immediately if you suspect that this site has been "hacked" or compromised in any way.

Identity Protection

We use encryption where necessary to avoid exposing usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information on the open Internet.

This website does not collect credit card information or billing details directly. For this service we rely on PayPal.  Their privacy policy is here.

Server Logs vs. Privacy

The Fund for the City of New York (FCNY) maintains the servers which host this website. They compile and maintain industry-standard logs of all server activity in order to fine-tune their service and to provide them and the ESU with abstract information about usage patterns on our site.  A close audit of these logs, combined with the cooperation of your ISP, could theoretically be used to identify you. FCNY will only undertake such an investigation in order to stop harassment of, or denial of services to, other Internet users.

Public pages on this website also make use of Google Analytics, a service which collects similar information about website usage using Google's servers. Please visit Google's Privacy Center (and see their Privacy Policy for more details.

Form Responses vs. Privacy

The information which you submit to The English-Speaking Union of the United States via web forms or email becomes part of our institutional communications archive. This information is kept private during the normal course of business, but may someday be released publicly due to legal action or for historical/research purposes.

Please do not use the web or email to communicate information which must never be disclosed; or if you do, please take appropriate measures to dissociate such communication from your identity.

Note that the kind of information we are concerned with above includes "whistle-blowing" or anonymous tips meant for administrative follow-up, unauthorized disclosure of sensitive documents, or the use of personal information if disclosure of such information would put you at physical risk.

Copyright Notice

The English-Speaking Union of the United States' website includes articles, editorials, photos, audio, and video from a wide variety of sources. We make every effort to ensure that we have the right to publish, republish, or embed this material in our website.   All copyrights in such materials are owned and reserved by their respective owners.  Please contact with notifications of claimed copyright infringement, or send them to the address or fax listed on our Contact page.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this document. If you feel that it does not adequately address your concerns, please send an explanatory email to .