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July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

* Individuals who generously participated in the English-Speaking Union National Patron Program providing unrestricted operating support to the ESU and its Branches.

‡ Deceased

Leadership Circle

$100,000 or more

Marietta and Andrew Romay Foundation

Visionaries' Society

$20,000 - $99,999

Achelis and Bodman Foundation 

H.E. Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill CBE*

ESU Denver Branch

Marken Family Trust 

Dr. Laurence C. Morse and Ms. Pamela McKoin*

Dr. E. Quinn Peeper and Mr. Michael D. Harold*

Westminster People 

Walter Hines Page Society

$10,000 - $19,999

ESU Atlanta Branch

Mr. Donald A. Best* 

ESU Naples Branch

Mrs. Natalie T. Pray / Malcolm S. Pray Jr. Foundation*

Mrs. and Mr. Stanley Deforest Scott* 

National Fellows

$5,000 - $9,999

Axe-Houghton Foundation  

ESU Boston Branch

Ms. Rachel A. Carren and Mr. Mark D. Young, in memory of EiA Tutor, Anita Dimendberg

Dr. Loveday Conquest and Mr. Fred Kleinschmidt* 

Mrs. Polly W. Cox* 

Ms. Julia Hansen / Edward and Julia Hansen Foundation* 

Henry E. Niles Foundation  

Mr. Duane L. Hughes  

Mr. Charles T. Munger, Jr. / CNC Foundation 

Dr. Susan Robin Sinclair* 

Dr. Julia Churchill Van de Water* 

Chairman's Circle

$2,500 - $4,999

Dr. Cheryl Albuquerque* 

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Clifford* 

Ms. Susan M. Ferris* 

Guardian Financial

Joseph S. and Louise B. Rumbaugh Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward

Jesse & Dorothy Hartman Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick London* 

Mr. David Martinelli* 

Mr. William B. Maschmeier* 

Mr. Darryl R. McCormick* 

Mrs. Bettie M. Miller / Betty Rossell McGowin Charitable Trust*  

Mr. Nathan M. Perlmutter / Forest Hills Financial Group  

PNC Foundation

Mr. John J. Raffaeli, Jr.* 

Dr. and Mrs. George W. Ray III* 

Richard D. Donchian Foundation  

Mr. Jeffrey L. Schnabel* 

Mr. Noel Sloan* 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Wyndrum* 

Vice Chairman's Circle

$1,500 - $2,499

Mrs. Christine M. Brown* 

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Dooley* 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Doughty  

Mr. Steve Haedicke and Dr. Janet V. Haedicke* 

Mr. Duncan Karcher* 

Mr. Mark Lawhorn and Ms. Lynn Haff* 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Pettus LeCompte* 

Mrs. Donna M. Miller* 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Pattillo* 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rosato / Dr. Donald J. Rosato Chartiable Fund* 

Ms. Yu Zhang  

President's Circle

$1,000 - $1,499

Mr. Randall C. Abrams  

Mrs. Tanya M. Acker* 

Dr. James B. Broadhurst* 

ESU Charleston Branch

Mr. Charles E. Clapp III* 

Mr. James M. Donohue  

Ms. Cynthia Fields and Mr. Lawrence Fields 

Mr. Timothy L. Fields and Mr. Chris Bergeaux* 

Mr. William C. Fuller, Jr.  

Ms. Susan Gibson* 

Dr. Jerry Huff* 

Mrs. Barbara W. Hughes* 

Ms. Erika Ishii  

Mr. and Mrs. Leander McCormick-Goodhart* 

Mrs. David J. McDaniel* 

Dr. Christopher Medalis and Mr. Boyan Konstantinov* 

ESU Memphis Branch  

Mrs. Payne W. Middleton  

New York Community Trust* 

Ms. Dorinda J. Oliver* 

Mrs. Mary Alice Phelan* 

Prof. Brian Abel Ragen, Ph.D.* 

Ms. Sally Richards* 

Dr. Jill Toliver Richardson* 

Mr. Demetriouse L. Russell  

Ms. Gail Sanger  

Ms. Marissa D. Scott-Torres  

Starr Companies* 

Mrs. Lucille T. Whitley* 

Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop / The Lion and Hare Fund at the New York Community Trust* 

Y and H Soda Foundation

National Sustainer

$750 - $999

Miss Barbara M. Deacon* 

Mrs. Gloria Early-Norris* 

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul Elard* 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Harrington* 

Mrs. Phyllis G. Heard* 

Mr. Karl D. Jackson  

Ms. Patricia Ann Moore* 

Mr. Clarke F. O'Reilly, Jr.* 

Mrs. Rebecca Reynolds and Mr. Peter Reynolds* 

Mr. Jeffrey Tennant and Mr. Bruce L. Smith*

National Sponsor

$500 - $749

Mr. Robert Amott and Ms. Janice Flanagan* 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood L. Baxter* 

Dr. Karen Blair-Brand* 

Ms. Sandra Boyd and Mr. Fred Tucker* 

Ms. Jessamine Brandt*, in memory of Mr. James C. Humes 

Ms. Elizabeth Brothers* 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Capomazza di Campolattaro* 

Central Synagogue  

Mr. Matthew E. Cheek* 

Ms. Christine Corcoran and Mr. Edward Stark* 

Mrs. Jean H. Davison* 

Ms. Gertrude de G Wilmers  

Mr. Tony Elms and Ms. Joyce Reehling* 

Ms. Elizabeth R. Etoll* 

Mr. Albert S. Field  

Dr. Robert M. Franklin  

Mr. and Mrs. F. David Grissett* 

Mr. Robert H. Gunn, Jr.*

Ms. Nicole A. Halbreiner / Robert N. Alfandre Foundation* 

Ms. Helga Hansen* 

Mr. Andrew Heath* 

Ms. Karlee Hilliard* 

Dr. and Mrs. Dentcho Ivanov* 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Jarosz* 

Jewish Communal Fund  

Ms. Karen Karpowich and Mr. Ian Calderon* 

Ms. Marjorie L. Kennedy* 

Ms. Annette S. Kirby* 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Koenig* 

Mr. Yuki Kuwauchi  

Mr. Keith W. Lerch* 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Levy and Ms. Liz Lapidus* 

Dr. Thomas A. Mason and Ms. Christine H. Guyonneau* 

Ms. Shirley Mueller* 

The Blackbaud Giving Fund  

Mr. Gary S. Oaks* 

Mrs. Meredith Oates* 

Mr. James T. Patterson  

Dr. Manning M. Pattillo, Jr.

Pledgeling Foundation  

Mr. Lawrence Raymond  

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberson* 

Mr. Robert W. Robinson  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roxe / Roxe Foundation* 

Mr. Alvin J. Schexnider  

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Schweller* 

Mr. Marc Stern and Ms. Kimberly Yellin-Stern 

Mr. and Mrs. Sainsbury L. Strack* 

Ms. Eleanor Theodore* ‡

Ms. Susan E. Thurston Grathwohl / Thurston Charitable Foundation* 

Mrs. Frederick W. Toohey* 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Van Horn  

Mr. and Mrs. J. Otey Walker III* 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Warden* 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Webster* 

Mr. and Mrs. James Wesner*  

National Donor

$300 - $499

Ms. Judy Amiano and Mr. Robert Zasa* 

Austin Community Foundation* 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Balchan  

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baring* 

Ms. Sylvia Barnard* 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bell III* 

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bippart* 

Mr. Paul T. Boghosian* 

Mr. and Mrs. John G.B. Boyd* 

Mr. Guy A. Bramble  

Ms. Virginia Brody* 

Dr. Gregory William Buck  

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bukovac* 

Ms. Elizabeth Anne Buzzell FRSA, ASA (Ret.)* 

Mr. Bryan Campbell  

Mr. Basil Carpenter and Mr. Bruce Haefner* 

Ms. Brett Carrier* 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Caruso* 

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Champlin* 

Mrs. Elizabeth Clarke* 

Dr. James B. Congleton III* 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Cowan, FRAES* 

Dr. Rennie W. Culver* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeFer* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Demarco* 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dendy* 

Ms. Alta Devivo* 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Dorman* 

Mrs. Prescott N. Dunbar* 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Dupin* 

The Howard & Elaine Leventhal Charitable Trust

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Fadely* 

Mr. Peter D. Farnham* 

Mrs. Sallie Van Pelt Feild* 

Ms. Elizabeth Gemmill* 

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Gordon, Jr.* 

Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt R. Haskell* 

Mr. Paul Henry and Mr. Juan Castaneida-Merced* 

Ms. Laura Herrera  

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Hoch* 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Horner* 

Mr. Pace Taylor Huff* 

Mr. Marshall C. Hunt, Jr.* 

Rev. and Mrs. Ernest E. Hunt* 

Mr. Mark Hutchinson* 

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Jardine* 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries* 

Mr. Allan D. Jergesen* 

Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Jernigan* 

Mr. William J.D. Jordan* 

Ms. Marjorie T. Julian* 

Mr. Brian Keeley  

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Kelley* 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kemp* 

Mr. William Kennedy and Ms. Allyn Rosser* 

Judge James W. Kerr, Jr.* 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kestnbaum* 

Ms. Judith King* 

Dr. Douglas D. Koch* 

Mrs. John Peter Labouisse* 

Mr. James T. Lang, Jr.* 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Lausch* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Leak* 

Mrs. Gordon B. LeGrand* 

Mrs. Kathryn Lerch* 

Dr. Elaine Leventhal  

Ms. Yvonne R. Leveque* 

Mr. Mark Bennett Levine and Mr. John H. Keppeler* 

Ms. Nancy P. Lewis* 

Mr. Jonathan S. Linker  

Dr. William M. Long* 

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Luke* 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Mackey* 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Maddrey* 

Mrs. Ruth M. Mader* 

Dr. and Mrs. John Malloy* 

Prof. and Mrs. James Marrow* 

Ms. Bonnie B. Matheson* 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. McArthur, Jr.* 

Ms. Gayla J. McCluskey and Dr. David Humphrey* 

Dr. Renee McEldowney* 

Mr. Richard L. McGrath* 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McLure* 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. McNamara* 

Ms. Wendy Meyer* ‡

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Millard* 

Mr. Gregory Morey and Mr. Scott James* 

Mrs. Jean Morris* 

Mr. and Mrs. Clive Muncaster* 

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet Muse* 

Ms. Susan Merritt Nelsen* 

Mr. and Mrs. Rick C. Normand* 

Col. H. David O'Malie* 

Ms. A. B. Orthwein* 

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Pagliano* 

Mr. Matt Pantaleoni* 

Mr. Peter Parsonson and Dr. Sarah Parsonson* 

Ms. Julia Patterson* 

Mr. Davidson A. Perry-Miller* 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Peterson* 

Mrs. Ingrid Philbrick* 

Mr. Gordon Lee Pollock* 

Mrs. Jean Bruce Poole* 

ESU Princeton Branch 

Mrs. Jan Querbes, III* 

Mr. Jonathan D. Rabinowitz* 

Dr. and Mrs. James Reibel* 

Mrs. Barbara Rigby* 

Mr. Ryan Ruskin and Mr. Michael Andrews* 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sapp* 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Schlesinger* 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schulhoff* 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Schwartz, Jr.* 

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance A. Secker* 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sevier* 

Ms. Linda J. Voloshen Spencer* 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Staffeldt* 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Stahel* 

Drs. Jane and Austin Sumner* 

Ms. Elizabeth Thiele* 

Mr. Gifford Thomas* 

Mr. and Mrs. Sydnor Thompson III* 

Mr. John Michael Thornton and Ms. Donna Altieri* 

Mr. William R. Udry* 

Mr. Mauro Vacca  

Dr. Louise Valine, PhD* 

Cedric W. Vogel, Esq.* 

Mr. William F. Wallace  

Ms. JoAnn Wallace* 

Ms. Katherine K. Walls* 

Dr. Peter D. Weigl  

Mrs. Annette Weinstein* 

Ms. Barbara W. Weller* 

Ms. Lynne Wheat* 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Whedbee* 

Mr. Paul B. Whitty* 

Mrs. Samuel L Willard II* 

Ms. Sarah L. Williams* 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry P. Williams III* 

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Wilson* 

Ms. Ann Marie Winters* 

Prof. Elaine Orr Wise* 

Mr. Richard C. Wolfe* 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Woollam* 

YourCause, LLC Trustee for TD Ameritrade   


$100 - $299

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Adams  

Mrs. Natalia Alekhina  

Dr. Mary E. Alexander  

Abbot and Dorothy H. Stevens Foundation 

Mr. James B. Armstrong  

Ms. Laure Aubuchon  

Mrs. Iona L. Baldwin and Dr. Richard Baldwin, Jr.

Ms. Mary Anne Barker  

Mr. and Mrs. John Barnes  

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Bennett III  

Ms. Janifer Bennett  

Mrs. Geoffrey Bentley  

Ms. Susan Berman  

Mr. William L. Bernhard  

Mrs. Ann V. Bersson  

Mrs. Katherine Blair  

Mr. Stuart J. Bloomberg  

Ms. Linda G. Blount  

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Burtch, Jr.  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Butler  ‡

Mr. Justin Bynum  

Mrs. Vernalee Cain  

Mr. David L. Calfee  

Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Capen  

Ms. Anne D. Crane  

Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Daniel  

Ms. Robin Dautrich  

Mr. William M. Davis  

Mr. G. Garrett Davis  

Ms. Dorothy Decker  

Ms. Nancy L. Dempsey  

Mr. Guy B. Dixon  

Miss Catharine-Mary Donovan  

Ms. Barbara Dotterer  

Mr. Peter A. Dow  

Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Drimer  

Ms. Virginia Obrecht Dulworth  

Mr. Peter B. Elliott  

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. English  

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Evans  

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Feldman  

Ms. Dorothy Fiedler  

Ms. Roberta Anne Fitzgerald  

Mr. Lewis W. Flagg  

Dr. Henry E. Flanagan, Jr.  

Mr. Ronald Lee Fleming  

Daniel E. Fridie, Esq.  

Mr. Theodore L. Gaillard, in memory of Mr. Jonathan Hewitt

Mr. Charles S. Gardner III  

Mr. and Mrs. John A.Y. Geater  

Ms. Sarah D. Gillespie  

Mr. Clark Goodwin  

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Grubbs  

Ms. Marion Gruber, in memory of EiA tutor, Mrs. Jackie Braverman

Mr. and Mrs. Chandrakant R. Gupta  

Ms. June Hajjar  

Dr. Warren G. Hall  

Mrs. Winifred Tish Hall  

Mr. Wilson Hallett  

Dr. Susan Ford Hammaker  

Ms. Arthene Hammerman  

Cathy Denise Hampton, Esq.  

Ms. Harue Harada  

Mr. Charles Douglas Harvey  

Ms. Elizabeth G. Heard  

Ms. Brenda Hedrick  

Mr. Ralph H. Henderson  

Ms. Sonja Herzinger and Mr. R. Poor  

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Higgins, Jr.  

Ms. Debbie Hill  

Dr. and Mrs. Eric F. Hockings  

Ms. Kathleen Hodges  

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hollingsworth  

Ms. Nancy Hornstein  

Mr. David Inkeles  

Ms. Loreta R. Jackson  

Mr. Michael Jeffcoat  

Mr. and Mrs. Pegram Johnson III  

Mr. Robert L. Johnston  

Ms. Abbey Kalina, in memory of EiA tutor, Mrs. Jackie Braverman

Ms. Minako Katayama  

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kaufman  

Mr. James E. Kelley  

Robin Kemper, Esq.* 

Mr. and Mrs. David Kepner  

Mrs. Lou C. Kerr / 
The Kerr Foundation  

Mr. Stuart H. Kerr  

Ms. Ann C. Lacambra  

Rev. Canon Richard U. Larom  

Ms. Susan Lichter  

Mr. Richard B. Lightfoot  

Ms. Berit R. Lindboe  

Ms. Phyllis Lindy Gutterman, in memory of EiA tutor, Mrs. Jackie Braverman

Ms. Rhona A. Lipton  

Mr. and Mrs. Thad Long* 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Loomis  

Mrs. Luce Loussoum  

Mr. Henry S. Lynn, Jr.  

Ms. Linda S. MacIntosh  

Mr. Robert W. Maggs, Jr.  

Mr. Alan D. Maislen  

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Maloney  

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McChesney  

Ms. Janice D. McClure  

Ms. Glenda McClure  

Ms. Scottie E. McDaniell  

Mr. Ralph M. McDermid, Jr.  

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McElhone  

Ms. Amy McKenney  

Mr. Glen McLaughlin  

Mr. Francis W. McMillan  

Ms. Concetta Miller  

Ms. Judith Miller  

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morris, Jr.  

Mrs. Thaddeus Moseley  

Mr. Stephen E. Myers  

ESU New Orleans Branch  

Mrs. Leslie H. Newman  

Mr. Nyi Nyi  

Ms. Margaret J. O'Brien and Mr. Robert J. Langone

Mr. Daniel O'Day  

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Odell  

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Padley  

Mr. William H. Painter  

Ms. Pauline Perkins  

Mr. Richard Prescott and Ms. Darlynda Arnold 

Mr. Anthony C.E. Quainton  

Mr. Robert Redfield  

Ms. Cheryl Rehwinkle  

Dr. Ilan Riss  

Mr. W. Barton Roe  

Mr. Christopher W. Rogers  

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Rohan  

Mr. Marshall Rutter and Ms. Terry S. Knowles 

Mr. Whitney G. Saunders  

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Schott  

The Hon. Patricia S. Schroeder  

Shakespeare Study Group  

Mr. Taylor Sharpe  

Mr. Adam D. Shepard  

Ms. Laura Sherman  

Mr. Bejan Shirvani  

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Simons, in honor of Mr. Skip Flanagan

Mr. Hugh W. Sloan, Jr.  

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Smith  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Smith  

Mr. James E. Spencer  

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Taaffe, in memory of EiA tutor, Mrs. Jackie Braverman

Mr. Spencer Dawson Tanner  

Mr. Eugene Tariq Thomas  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas  

Dr. Francis D. Tuggle and Ms. Andrea Smith 

Ms. Irina Ullo  

Mr. John C. Vaughey  

J. W. Thompson Webb, Esq.  

Ms. Sarah Elliston Weiner  

Marc Wheat, Esq.  

Mr. Seth W. Whitaker  

Ms. Angela R. I. Wilkins and Mr. Stephen Francis

Mr. Joel Wilkinson and Mrs. Margot M. Wilkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Mason Williams  

Mrs. Deborah Williams  

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wilson  

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Wilson  

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Yanaway and Dana Yanaway 

Ms. Makiko Yoshino  

Mr. and Mrs. S. Stanley Young  

Ms. Miriam Zachary  

Ms. Barbara Grant Zane  

Ms. Ellen Zukert, in memory of EiA tutor, Mrs. Jackie Braverman

Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

Mrs. Karin P. Shikiar  

Ms. Bonnie Singer  

Mrs. Sarah Stephenson  

Mr. Frederick Stephenson and Ms. Vivian Frank  

Dr. and Mrs. Owen Tabor  

Mr. Thomas W. Toch  

Mr. John M. Trask  

Ms. Carole Walton  

Mrs. Sue Ann Weinberg / John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation  

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Weiser  

Ms. Carol Whayne  

Mr. Charles Whitehead Felsted  

Ms. Janeth Whiting  

Mrs. Linda DeFoor Wickham  

Ms. Mary Katherine Williston  

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wilson  

Ms. Boyoung Woo  


less than $100

Mr. John W. Ager III  

Ms. Susan Alter  

Mr. Adebajo Amusa  

Mr. Paul J. Barringer  

Ms. Nancy Beres  

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bivetto  

Mrs. Tucker Blaine  

Mrs. Brenda Block  

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Brannen  

Ms. Emily Brasher  

Mr. David B. Brawer  

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brooks  

Mr. Richard Cahn  

Ms. Luzia Castaneda  

Ms. Ann Cerrone  

Ms. Allison Cheffer  

Mr. Nicholas Clarke  

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Cohen  

Mr. and Mrs. W. Graham Cole  

Prof. Bud Coleman  

Ms. Joyce Galbraith Colony  

Mr. and Mrs. H. Calvin Cook  

Ms. Jane Cooper  

Ms. Nancy Danzer  

Mr. John C. Diamante  

Ms. Virginia Donnelly  

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dotterer  

Ms. Ekaterina Emelianova  

Ms. Dianne E. Emmick  

Mr. John W. Ewell  

Ms. Phyllis Feinberg  

Mr. Joseph Feldman  

Ms. Trina Ferrigno  

Ms. Eleanor Fink  

Mr. and Mrs. Audrey J. Foley  

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Foraker  

Ms. Sofie D. Franzen-Moyle  

Mr. Michael George Freer  

Ms. Sarah S. Garlington  

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Girling  

Mr. Matthew Goldstein  

Mrs. Knox M. Goodman  

Ms. Carrie Hall  

Mr. Lawrence Hauptman  

Ralph H. Henderson  

Mr. Timothy E. Hollaman  

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Howden  

Ms. Christine Hsu  

Mr. Francis Jacobs II  

Mr. Miles Hutton Jacoby  

Mrs. Candice Johnson  

Mr. T. Paul Kane  

Mrs. Nancy Karapin  

Mr. Leo Kayser III  

Mrs. Mary Keevil  

Ms. Julie M. Ketterer  

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Klein  

Dr. John Michael Kosterlitz  

Ms. Jane Landis  

Miss Liya Lekvinadze  

Mr. Donald C. Lucas  

Ms. Diana Mackie  

Ms. Susan Mandell  

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Marasso, Jr.  

Ms. Laura Marks  

Dr. J. Kenneth McDonald  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McGowan  

Ms. Katherine A. McIntyre  

Mr. Easton T. McMahon  

Dr. Christopher Medalis and Mr. Boyan Konstantinov  

Ms. Laura B. Millar  

Ms. Melissa Mishoe  

Mr. Ahmadreza Mohammadali  

Ms. Kathryn Morrisett  

Mrs. Nataliya Moskalenko  

Ms. Elena Tompkins Mucciarone  

Mr. Jean-Pierre Mvouanga  

Mr. Clarke F. O'Reilly, Jr.  

Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson  

Ms. Patsy K. Pettus  

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program  

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Piper  

Mrs. Patricia Ratliff  

Ms. Joan Reese  

Dr. Ilan Riss  

Mrs. Gloria A. Roberts ‡ 

Mrs. James B. Rutland  

Ms. Jean Saklad  

Ms. Martha Salper  

Mr. William R. Sanders  

Ms. Diane Sandquist  

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sapp  

Ms. Beata Newman Scarpulla  

Ms. Kathryne Schipf  

Ms. Ann Schneider  

Mr. Jason Shaw  

Mrs. Karin P. Shikiar  

Ms. Bonnie Singer  

Mrs. Sarah Stephenson  

Mr. Frederick Stephenson and Ms. Vivian Frank  

Dr. and Mrs. Owen Tabor  

Mr. Thomas W. Toch  

Mr. John M. Trask  

Ms. Carole Walton  

Mrs. Sue Ann Weinberg/John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation  

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Weiser  

Ms. Carol Whayne  

Mr. Charles Whitehead Felsted  

Ms. Janeth Whiting  

Mrs. Linda DeFoor Wickham  

Ms. Mary Katherine Williston  

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wilson  

Ms. Boyoung Woo