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2023 Luard Morse Scholarship Fundraiser

The English-Speaking Union Luard Morse Scholarship offers a $25,000 grant to an exceptional student from a Historically Black College or University to study at a British University during junior year.

This annual merit Scholarship was launched in 1969 by the ESU Board of Directors thanks to a bequest in honor of Ms. Lucy Dalbiac Luard, a British national and an ESU member who wished that her legacy contribute to the "furtherance of friendly relations with England." 

In 2012 by a resolution of the ESU Board of Directors the Luard Scholarship was renamed the ESU Luard Morse Scholarship to recognize the leadership and contributions of one of the program's most prominent alumni, Dr. Laurence C. Morse.

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"The Luard Scholarship said to me: 'I can do anything I want to, anywhere in the world.'"

Mr. Phillip H. Cole Jr. (1969-70 inaugural Luard Scholar, Wilberforce University/University of Reading)

"I returned home from that year with an abiding affection for the English people, an expanded sense of the world beyond our borders, a greatly altered sense of myself and my possibilities in life, and a more nuanced and richer view of and appreciation for my country, all of which I credit to this program and this wonderful organization, the English-Speaking Union of the United States."

Dr. Laurence C. Morse (1971-72, Howard/London School of Economics)

"…the ESU Luard Morse Scholarship has benefited my life and touched others as well. I plan to use the knowledge I gained overseas to change the education system in my hometown and … inspire young people to achieve goals that once seemed impossible."

Serena Newberry (2017-18, Xavier University/Goldsmiths, University of London)

"…it was truly one of the greatest and most influential times of my life…"

Artimus Cunningham (2019-20 Morehouse College/Kings College London)

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